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Javier Montalt Tordera

PhD Project Title: Development of a novel rapid cardiac MR sequence

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Supervisors: Prof. Vivek Muthurangu and Dr. Jennifer Steeden

Lay summary:

MRI is routinely used in clinical practice to assess the anatomy and function of patients with congenital heart disease (CHD). However, current protocols include a multiplicity of imaging sequences and involve extensive planning. The aim of this work is to develop a novel whole-heart 3D sequence capable to acquire the required clinical information in the shortest possible time. With respect to the current protocols, this will be faster and easier to plan, thus increasing patients’ comfort and bringing costs down.

My Background 

I am originally from Valencia, Spain, where I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. In 2016 I moved to the UK to complete an MSc at Imperial College London before going on to study a PhD at UCL. I became fascinated by MR imaging and related physics during my undergraduate years. MRI is already an essential tool in many fields, including the assessment of cardiovascular disease, but has yet to realise its full potential. I would like to contribute to this development.


Biomedical Engineering, BSc
Biomedical Engineering, MSc

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