UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science


Institute of Cardiovascular Science Research Seminar

20 April 2021, 2:00 pm–3:30 pm

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This event is free.

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Shah Chowdhury

Institute of Cardiovascular Science Research Seminar 

About the Speakers

Dr Paul Frankel

at Preclinical & Fundamental Science

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Paul conducted his PhD research with David Foster at Hunter College of the City University of New York working on Phospholipid signaling in oncogene transformed cells.
Paul Then carried out postdoctoral training with Professor Chris Marshall, FRS at the Institute of Cancer Research, further advancing his knowledge of tumor cell signaling. In 2005, he joined Ark Therapeutics Ltd as a Group Leader working on anti-angiogenic drug development for cancer. In 2013 he transferred to UCL in the Division of Medicine continuing his work on normal and tumour angiogenesis and establishing the zebrafish model. In 2019 he moved to the Institute of Cardiovascular Science where his group continues to use zebrafish models of vascular growth and heart regeneration.

Dr Luis da Rocha Lopes

at Centre for Heart Muscle Disease

image of speaker dr Luis da Rocha Lopes
Luis Rocha Lopes obtained his MD from the University of Lisbon in 2001 and finished his Cardiology training in 2009. He sub-specialized in multi-modality cardiac imaging and inherited cardiac disease. He achieved his PhD from University College London in 2015. Currently Consultant Cardiologist at Barts Heart Centre working in the Inherited Cardiac Disease Unit and Cardiac MRI Unit and Honorary Associate Professor at the Institute of Cardiovascular Science, University College London. He is a recipient of an MRC UK Clinical Academic Partnership award. Major research interests include advanced imaging in the construction of new genotype-phenotype models and the discovery of new genetic causes of cardiomyopathy. 



Mr Javier Montalt Tordera

at Centre for Translational Cardiovascular Imaging

image of speaker Javier Montalt Tordera
Javier is a student edging towards the end of his PhD. He has worked towards improving 3D cardiovascular MRI for the assessment of congenital heart disease. Recently he has been focused on emergent machine learning technologies, which have great potential to accelerate different stages of the cardiovascular MRI workflow.