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Upgrade of MPhil to PhD

Guidelines for upgrade of MPhil to PhD

UCL Cancer Institute guidelines for MPhil Transfer Report (upgrade):

1) The report should be generated at 12 months from the official student start date.

2) The report is not a ‘mini-thesis’, it should be a succinct explanation of the aim of the project (within the context of the current literature in the field), the progress to date and a proposed direction and timeline for the remaining studentship.

3) A maximum of 7,000 words text excluding figures, figure legends, tables/charts, and references.

4) The following components should be included:

i. Background (an introduction giving the context of the work with regards to the current literature in the field). Note: this is not meant to be an exhaustive literature review as you would write for your thesis. It is meant to demonstrate that you understand how your research will add to or challenge the current thinking in your field.

ii. A research question and hypothesis

iii. Approach/methodology: How are you testing your hypothesis? Explain any techniques that you have had to develop or trouble-shoot. You do not have to go into great detail for common techniques like you would for your thesis (e.g. PCR, standard sequencing, tissue culture) unless you have had technical problems with them.

iv. Work towards your thesis objectives (constructs, data, results, etc.) Discuss with your primary supervisor how these are best presented. Summary tables of results from repeated experiments, lists of constructs produced along with their features, or a representative data figure are sometimes more useful for illustrating your work than many individual repeated experiments.

v. A plan and a timetable for the remainder of your work. This will help you focus on what can reasonably be achieved and what your priorities should be.

vi. References. Keep these to a reasonable number in line with the succinct nature of the report.

5) It is recommended that the report have 1.5X line spacing, numbered in text citations appearing in citation order in the reference section. Using endnote, reference manager, or similar software is recommended (discount student licences available- ask our IT team).

6) An electronic copy of the transfer report needs to be sent to the CI Education Team (ci.pgeducation@ucl.ac.uk).

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