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Postdoctoral Researchers at the UCL Cancer Institute (CI) comprises a group of approximately 100 members. As a research centre of excellence, the Institute offers the opportunity for postdoctoral researchers to develop their personal and academic skills, through a variety of career development workshops, courses and scientific events.

Academic life for postdocs at the CI includes:

Postdoctoral researchers association

Our mission 

  • Welcoming new postdoctoral fellows to the CI.
  • Enhancing the interpersonal and scientific experience at the CI through social events, research seminars and fostering an inclusive community.
  • Providing postdoctoral research fellows with representation and an active voice within the Institute.
  • Organising scientific meetings on cutting-edge technologies that aim to support our research and achieve our objectives. 

Join us

Join us on our social events - contact ci.postdoccommittee@ucl.ac.uk (sponsored by the Cancer Institute).

Picture of committee at BBQ
Picture of committee at retreat