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High Street Agenda

High Street Agenda was funded by the London Development Agency.


Commissioned from UCL and Gort Scott Architects, as part of a wider series of projects attempting to address the potential of London's high streets.

A hypothesis behind much of this work is that London's high streets continue to play a vital strategic and local role across the capital, representing a characteristic and important element in the city's urban fabric, with great potential to accommodate much of London's predicted future growth, new jobs, and housing.

Yet, as complex pieces of physical, social and economic fabric, the public sector has all too often seen high streets in planning terms as simply locations on an abstract retail hierarchy, in transport terms as traffic corridors, and in urban management terms, as a low priority.  A serious look at London's high streets was therefore well overdue.  

Using existing and original research, the High Streets Agenda project aimed to: develop a better understanding and insight into the functioning of high streets, thereby identifying the role of high streets in supporting London's sustainable growth and development.


Professor Matthew Carmona
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The project led to the following publication:

Carmona, M. (2010) High Street London, London, London Development Agency 


The project is informing the development of policy in the Greater London Authority, both planning policy and the investment decisions of the London Development Agency.

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