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Improving children’s experience of place in temporary settlements

This research was initiated by Dr Matluba Khan, Cardiff University, with contributions from Holly Weir, University of Westminster & Prof Alexi Marmot, Bartlett UCL.

Rohingya children in Cox’s Bazar refugee camp, Bangladesh. ©Matluba Kahn, 2019

Rohingya children in Cox’s Bazar refugee camp, Bangladesh. ©Matluba Kahn, 2019
Across the globe over 70 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes, about half of whom are children.  Place attachment, placemaking, and play have been found to shape children’s cognitive, social and physical development, and to impact their psychological wellbeing and identity.  Through fieldwork with Rohingya refugee children who fled Myanmar to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, and through consulting other stakeholders, this research has provided specific insights into the children’s experience of place, and what might be done to improve such spaces and play opportunities in future. 

UCL Grand Challenges supported this innovative project researching the experience of Rohingya children in refugee camps in Bangladesh. Fieldwork and workshops in Cox’s Bazar were conducted by Dr Matluba Kahn.  Prof Alexi Marmot supervised the research and Holly Weir contributed as Research Associate.  The team is indebted to Sheik Rana and Prof Mohammed Zakiul Islam for their theoretical insights and practical help.

On this page are our reports, papers, reflections and drawings made by the children. We invite interested parties to share their thoughts.

Access full report here.