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Roberto Cardinale

The transition from the national to the EU model of energy governance: A comparative case study of the Greenstream, Galsi and Medgaz gas pipelines

School Research Theme: Economics and financing of the built environment
Research supervisors: Dr D’Maris Coffman
Start date: March 2015

Roberto’s PhD research addresses the political and economic implications of the transition from the national to the European model of energy policy, which began in the 1990s as an effect of the EU liberalization of the energy market. The research aims to understand the effects of the new supply chain dynamics that emerged from the transition and the main problems faced by the key stakeholders, i.e. energy firms, governments, and final consumers. It proposes forms of European energy governance that reconcile the current principles of EU policy with the specificities of the energy sector. The empirical component of the thesis is a multiple case study of undersea gas pipelines connecting North Africa to Europe. For its academic and strategic potential, this research has been awarded the “Ermenegildo Zegna Founder’s Scholarship”.

Beside his PhD research, Roberto is pursuing a series of research projects at the interface between energy, infrastructure and development. One strand of research explores the role of contemporary State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in global markets and their importance for the pursuit of public policy objectives. This work analyses SOEs’ role as drivers of innovation, as providers of Services of General Interest (SGI), and as suppliers of strategic inputs (natural resources, technology, international infrastructure). In this research, particular attention is devoted to the emergence of Mixed (public-private) Ownership as a form of corporate governance that makes it possible to reconcile profitability and the pursuit of public policy objectives.

The other strand of research explores industrial and energy policies at different stages of development. It includes comparative analysis of the development strategies pursued at different stages by economies that are now advanced, particularly Italy and South Korea, as well as strategies for infrastructure-led development in Sub-Saharan African countries.

Publications and other work
  • Cardinale R., Coffman D., (Eds.) Infrastructure Finance (Critical concepts in Finance) (4 vol). (in production) Routledge, forthcoming, ISBN: 9781138905603
  • Cardinale R., The European Gas Sector: Political-Economy Implications of the Transition from State-Owned to Mixed-Owned Enterprises, In Florio M. et al. (Eds.), The reform of Network Industries: Evaluating Privatisation, Regulation and Liberalisation in the EU, Edward Edgar, forthcoming

Working papers:

  • Cardinale R., Theory and Practice of State Intervention: Italy, South Korea and Stages of Economic Development
  • Cardinale R., The Profitability of Transnational Energy Infrastructure: A Comparative Analysis of the Greenstream and Galsi Gas Pipelines
  • Cardinale R., The Transition from the National to the EU Model of Energy Governance: Rethinking Energy Policy
  • Cardinale R., Changing Strategies in New Contexts: The Governance of European State-Owned Enterprises in the 21st Century