The Bartlett School of Architecture


Sustainable Urbanism and Landscape

The large-scale built and natural environment presents many of our most pressing concerns – from climate change, energy and resource scarcity, to social, political and economic equity. These are complex phenomena: we do not yet know how to change our behaviours individually and collectively to ensure the long term sustainability of local and global ecosystems, or the energy challenges facing the world in the coming century. The Bartlett School of Architecture has set a strategic aim of carbon and energy reduction, in line with UCL’s Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities, under which our research addresses these problems.

Situated in London, we have the advantage of the laboratory of community, heritage and life of the local urban landscape, while also addressing a variety of places across the globe. Projects tackle issues of sanitation, food resources, colonialism and postcolonialism, disputed and conflicted regions in the Middle East, and the overall problematics of globalisation.

Research projects