Polish Community in the UK

There are as many Poles living in Poland and abroad. The Polish diaspora (Polish community abroad) amounts to 40 million and is thus second largest diaspora in the world, next to that of China.

There are about 2 million Poles living in the UK (www.zpwb.org.uk/eg/poles-in-uk.php) so it is very likely that you may know someone of Polish origin, even without realizing it. Why not ask around? You will be surprised to find out how many of your peers have Polish connection!

And why not find out more about the Polish community in the UK?

Polish Institutions, Societies and Associations in the UK

There are so many Poles in the UK that one society is not enough for them. There are about 100 Polish societies and associations in the UK and with each year the list (www.zpwb.org.uk/eg/poles-in-uk-organizations.php) gets longer and longer. Here is just a sample of some societies and associations that you might like to learn about or even consider joining:

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