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Sciences Test Guidelines

If you are offering all arts/humanities/social science subjects at A Level or equivalent, you will be required to take a maths/science test as part of the assessment of your application so we can determine your suitability for the science minor side of your degree. The online test will last for 90 minutes and you will be required to answer one compulsory question - Biology or Chemistry for Health and Environment or Maths for Sciences and Engineering plus one more from a choice of three from your proposed minor pathway. Each question is designed to take around 45 minutes to answer.

Each question will cover content broadly equivalent to the first year of an A Level in that subject and we will be basing our questions based on the syllabi below:

Example Questions

Having run similar admissions tests in previous years, you may find the example questions below useful when preparing to take one of the science tests.

The markers will be looking for factually correct answers and the questions will be designed to allow you to demonstrate your wider knowledge of the subject than that shown in the sample syllabus.

Exact details of the test will be sent out to applicants after receipt of their application and questionnaire and we will hold a science test in February and March each year.

Once you have taken the test, we will use your responses to the test questions, your response to the questionnaire, your academic performance to date and your predicted grades to make a final decision on your application.

Please note, however, that such students' enrolment on the programme will not guarantee access to all modules. Particularly for maths and the sciences, there may be considerable restrictions. For example, students without Chemistry A Level would not generally be eligible to join a chemistry module at UCL. The same would generally apply in maths, and so on.