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Research Impact

Researchers in Arts and Humanities at UCL are committed to engagement and partnership with non-university-based stakeholders.

We collaborate with a wide range of organisations, from museums to software companies and from thinktanks to translation providers. We work with partners located both alongside us in Camden and internationally.

Helping people who lived in care as children to understand their past

UCL information researchers are exploring how child social care records are recorded, stored & accessed so they can help to enhance the memories and sense of self of individuals who have been in care.

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Providing art workshops for schoolchildren in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

Lisa Milroy, Slade School of Fine Art, has set up a programme of practical art workshops for schoolchildren in a Kenyan refugee camp – and is continuing to run it using mobile phones throughout the global pandemic.

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Compromised Identities? Reflections on perpetration and complicity under Nazism

Researchers in the School of European Languages, Culture and Society have created an online exhibition, ‘Compromised Identities?’. Drawing on their AHRC-funded research , it explores how perpetration and complicity are represented and understood both at the time and later.

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