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Panacea Review: Call for submissions

22 February 2021

Call for submissions for Panacea Review - a new literary magazine under the Faculty of Arts and Humanities with a focus on bibliotherapy.

Panacea Review is a new publication focused on literature and bibliotherapy which has been created by a group of UCL MA Publishing students, within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. 

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The Panacea Review project team shared: "Our approach isn’t necessarily that reading cures us, but that words - in making the intangible tangible - give us a better grasp of the world we live in, encouraging us to reflect on how we’re moved, changed and shaped by our collective experiences. Our first issue is centred on the theme 'Windows In, Windows Out'.

The first issue of the publication will be available online this summer. The project team is now encouraging anyone interested to submit a relevant work of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, or illustration.

Submissions can be sent to panaceareview@gmail.com by Friday March 19 at 2pm. (Written works to be kept at a 1500-word maximum please).

Visit Panacea Review's Instagram account