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ReSet: Monday 7 June

Replenish Festival listing by day. Explore the events, resources and wellbeing tips we have put together for the theme of ReSet - our first theme of Replenish Week.

Welcome to day one of Replenish Festival! 


UCL's Faculty of Arts & Humanities Wellbeing team, in collaboration with UCL Workplace Health, is delighted to kick off Replenish: five days of different virtual events and  experiences to help UCL staff and students recharge, relax, and reflect at the end of a challenging academic year. 

We have planned a packed event programme which will follow a different theme each day: ReSet, ReFrame, ReCreate, ReLit and ReConnect. 

Today’s theme is ReSet. Take a look at the events, resources, and wellbeing tips we have put together to help you press the reset button. 


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Monday's events

Mindfulness moment  |  09:25-09:30

Every morning during Replenish week we are running a five-minute mindfulness session with Headspace to set you up for the day.  

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Desk Yoga: Reset  |  10:00-10:15

Join us for a short and relaxing session of desk yoga, led by Rachel Hall.

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How are you? Simple ways to grow your 'Calm is Capable' self  |  12:30-13:30

NB This event is only open to UCL staff. 

Join our session led by a Virtual Mind Trainer. This 45-minute virtual session will provide you with an opportunity to explore your own emotions and what triggers them via a facilitated exercise (no requirement to share anything with the group). 

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Replenish panel event with the Provost: Wellbeing, UCL, and the Faculty of Arts & Humanities | 14:00-15:00 

In our panel event which will kick off the Replenish Festival, Provost and Professor Stella Bruzzi will be conversation talking about wellbeing, learnings from the past year, and how UCL has responded to wellbeing challenges. 

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ReSet Resources

We have put together a collection of resources aligned with the daily themes we have running throughout our Replenish Festival week: ReSet, ReFrame, ReCreate, ReLit and ReConnect. For each of the of the themes you will find daily wellbeing tips, podcasts, apps, articles and UCL resources.

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Monday's wellbeing tip

Written by Fiona Ryland, Chief Operating Officer, UCL

The past 15 months have been incredibly difficult for everyone, with the Covid pandemic and lockdown affecting us all in a variety of ways. Things that were simple and commonplace before the pandemic became huge challenges. Like many other people, my stress levels increased and I found it difficult to sleep. I turned to meditation for help and I am incredibly thankful for the respite it provides me.
For 10 to 20 minutes, just before going to bed, I follow a short meditation session using the app Headspace. It helps me to manage my stress and anxiety levels and as a result my sleep has improved.
I try to meditate about three times a week and although I only started meditation last year, during the first lockdown, I know this is something that I will take forward forever, as the benefits for me are so worthwhile.  

Monday's thought of the day 

Written by Revd Lizzie Baughen MA. Chaplain UCL.

During this wellbeing week I will be posting a short thought for the day, in the hope that we will take a moment to reflect on our own wellbeing after what has been quite an incredible year!

I was surprised to learn that there are around 100 different energy drinks available in the UK. It is a growing market. Each of these drinks comes elaborately packaged and promises to rehydrate and replenish us with the much-needed H2O and electrolytes we lose during exercise – sometimes with the added boost of glucose and caffeine. When it comes to replenishing my body, the first thing that comes to mind is an empty wine glass – especially at end of a long day!

When it comes to keeping healthy, the gym is not for me. As soon as I get restless I take my dog for a walk for exercise, which certainly gets me away from the biscuits and outside to enjoy the fresh air. Like most of us during the freneticism of the last year, I have learnt to appreciate any time outdoors and I ‘m often mindful not to take my physicality for granted. We are after all complex biological, psychological and social beings, but we are also spiritual beings; Physical containers yes, but with every part of our being interrelated and interconnected, and in our totality needing to be acknowledged and replenished.

In the 3rd century AD (AD 397-400) Augustine of Hippo, a Theologian and Philosopher, penned one of the most insightful sentences ever written. In his book The Confessions, A Prayer to God he writes “You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you.”  By this we assume he meant that as much as we prize our physicality, there is so much more to human beings who are created in the image of a relational God.  In essence we are relational beings, who consciously or unconsciously seek a relationship with our creator. We metaphorically “thirst for something more.” Pope Francis defined St. Augustine's restlessness, as our restlessness, “the restlessness of spiritual seeking, the restlessness of the encounter with God, the restlessness of love.”

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