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ReCreate: Wednesday 9 June

Replenish Festival listing by day. Explore the events, resources and wellbeing tips we have put together for the theme of ReCreate - our third day of Replenish Week.

Welcome to day three of Replenish Festival! 


UCL's Faculty of Arts & Humanities Wellbeing team, in collaboration with UCL Workplace Health, is delighted to welcome you to the third day of Replenish Festival. 

For each day of the festival we have planned a packed event programme which will follow a different theme. 

Today’s theme is ReCreate. Take a look at the events, resources, and wellbeing tips we have put together to inspire you to get creative. 


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Wednesday's events

Mindfulness moment  |  09:25-09:30

Every morning during Replenish week we are running a five-minute mindfulness session with Headspace to set you up for the day.  

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Collage Workshop: Faces and Layers with Rebecca Loweth, Slade School of Fine Art  10:30-11:15

Please join us for this arts and health workshop and take some time out of your day to focus on being creative. This workshop is open to everyone, the creative and non-creative, collage is something everyone can get stuck into. 

Starting with a challenge as a warmup, you will be creating collaged portraits using layers. The minimum materials that you will need will be paper, some kind of glue or tape for sticking and images to collage from. If you can, please bring any images, magazines, tapes or other materials you particularly want to use as well as scissors, glue, pens, pencils and paper. 

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Arts & Humanities Virtual Tea | 13:10-13:50

Drop-in for virtual tea with Helene Neveu Kringelbach, Vice Dean Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and Samantha Rayner, Vice Dean Wellbeing for an informal and relaxed chat about all things EDI and Wellbeing. This is an opportunity to listen to colleagues’ experiences and share your own in a welcoming and safe space.

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Photography for Wellbeing | 14:00-14:30

Join Ellis Parkinson, London-based artist and Fine Art and Critical Studies student at the Slade School of Fine Art and winner of the 2021 Provost Portrait Competition, to improve your wellbeing through the art of photography. In this bitesize session, Ellis will cover the four different things which make a good photograph (composition, moment, light and colour) and look at ways you can see new things through the lens of your phone camera to help destress and contextualise your everyday life.

NB This event is only open to UCL students. 

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Virtual cook-along: In the kitchen with Crescent Kitchen and Always Cook on the Bright Side 19:00-20:00

Join us for an evening of chilled and creative vegan cooking with step-by-step guidance from the cooks at Always Cook and Crescent Kitchen, both young chefs who have made it their mission to share "banging" veggie food with young foodies around the country.

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NB This event is only open to UCL students. 

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ReCreate resources

We have put together a collection of resources aligned with the daily themes we have running throughout our Replenish Festival week: ReSet, ReFrame, ReCreate, ReLit and ReConnect. For each of the of the themes you will find daily wellbeing tips, podcasts, apps, articles and UCL resources.

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Wednesday's wellbeing tip

Written by Professor Anthony David, Professor of Mental Health; Director & Sackler Chair, UCL Institute of Mental Health

People can be divided into owls and larks – I’m an owl, I don’t like mornings and only really get going in the evenings. But left to our own devices owls get more and more out of step with 24 hour days. So working from home I forced myself to do a morning ‘commute’: do the daily walk at the beginning rather than the end of the day. Let daylight reset your biological clock – it helps regulate mood and energise you.
A paradox: as a mental health professional you quickly learn that telling people who are struggling that there are people much worse off than them who have survived – is futile and makes them feel worse. But it’s still true…

Wednesday's thought of the day 

Written by Revd Lizzie Baughen MA. Chaplain UCL.

During this wellbeing week I will be posting a short thought for the day, in the hope that we will take a moment to reflect on our own wellbeing after what has been quite an incredible year!

The Sagrada Famillia in Barcelona is a truly magnificent building and part of a world heritage site. It is a Cathedral designed to reflect the majesty of God and draw our gaze away from ourselves towards a reality far greater than we can imagine. Antoni Goudie’s scaled down version is still enormous. Work began on it in 1882 and continues today. It is not due for completion until 2026. Although Goudie died in 1926 his legacy lives on. In this beautiful city the Cathedral, the beach, the parks and the Picaso museum, will definitely be on my wish list to visit again once restrictions are lifted.

So often it is art, or the beauty of a building, the intricacy of nature or how a piece of music makes us feel, that speaks to us of something much greater than ourselves. Looking into the night sky or the vastness of the sea remind us that we can’t confine God to a little man-made box of our own limited understanding. The paradox is that the one who designed and created the universe is also the one who designed each of us, and he is a God of intimacy and not distance. As unique as each of us are, we all have gifts and talents to share which develop over time, even if we think we have not got much to offer. I once heard this described as “a song that only we can sing”. We may not be a great architect like Goudie, or artist like Picaso, but to paint even a mediocre picture, to sew something, take photo’s, design, bake, write, model, or plant are all expressions of what it means to be made in the image of the creator God. They express the fullness of our humanity and are good for our continuing wellbeing. Your gifts are unique to you, but the challenge is this; do you recognise them and make time to express them? 

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