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Replenish Festival: ReCreate

June 9: ReCreate

Daily wellbeing tips

  • Follow your impulses – act on those impulses that fill you with enthusiasm and joy.  
  • Listen or watch something funny that creates the perfect mood. Laughter relaxes us, and the more relaxed you are, the more creative you’ll be.  
  • Love what you do – act on your passion. Do it with the people you enjoy working with in a place that fills you with inspiration.  
  • Appreciate yourself – all your creative ideas are unique to you come to you because of who you are.  
  • Take breaks: go for a walk, change your working posture or just step away and do something else.
  • Take time to incubate. Scientific studies have proven that short breaks are not only good to help boost productivity by resetting your focus, but can boost your creativity.  

UCL resources 

UCL Institute of Making 

The Institute of Making is a multidisciplinary research club for those interested in the made world: from makers of molecules to makers of buildings, synthetic skin to spacecraft, soup to diamonds, socks to cities. Membership of and day-to-day access to the Institute is available to all UCL staff and students.



The World Economic Forum predicts that "creativity" and "innovation" will be two of the top skills you'll need by 2025. The brainsparker app will help disrupt your thinking, ignite creativity and trigger new ideas with random prompt cards. It’s like having your own creativity coach on call 24/7.


Unlocking Creativity 

The podcast to inspire your next big idea. Hosted by Daniel Brookes.