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Study Abroad/Affiliates

History of Art Majors

The department welcomes History of Art affiliates to study here for the full academic year, the autumn term only, or the Spring semester.

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As a History of Art major you will:

  • Study in one of the most dynamic centres for history of art and visual cultures in the world
  • Take courses with UCL History of Art undergraduates
  • Have your own dedicated academic adviser and personal tutor (Affiliate Tutor)
  • Have the flexibility to take some of your courses outside the department (we require you to take at least 50% of your course load with us)

For full details on all aspects please refer to the: Study Abroad Guide

Key Information

Why UCL?

The UCL experience

UCL has a well-established Study Abroad programme, welcoming students from colleges and universities around the world who wish to gain credit for courses taken at UCL in order to graduate from their home universities. Over 900 study abroad students come to UCL each year. They come from most parts of the world including the USA, Canada and Latin America, from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea, from Australia and from all over Europe. By choosing to join them you will benefit from a challenging and rewarding experience.


At UCL we try to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from your year or semester abroad. You will attend classes with regular degree students and will have the same course load, academic support and access to student services. Thus you will not only gain from the experience of studying in a different system but also from full integration with UK and other international students in classes. In return we expect you to be serious-minded in your wish to study; you must be willing to participate, keen to learn, and prepared to expend time and effort on your studies in order to reap the rewards of your time at UCL.


Much is expected of you, but equally, much is provided. While we value self-motivation and promote the acquisition of self-directed learning skills, you will benefit from an excellent academic infrastructure. There is an emphasis on small-group teaching and UCL enjoys one of the best staff to student ratios in the UK (1:10). In addition to lectures you will benefit from seminars and tutorials and, where appropriate, practical classes. 

Academic support

At UCL you will be supported to ensure that you fully achieve your academic potential. Every study abroad student at UCL is assigned a tutor. S/he will guide your choice of courses to be certain that it represents a coherent programme and meets with any requirements of your home institution. Tutorial support from friendly staff will ensure that you achieve maximum benefit from lectures and that you develop the necessary study skills to do well in the British academic system.

Entry and Application

Application Process

How to Apply

Application Inquiries

WEB   www.ucl.ac.uk/affiliate
EMAIL affiliatestudents [at] ucl.ac.uk
TEL +44 (0)20 7679 7742 / 7381
FAX +44 (0)20 7679 7691 / 3112

Course Selection

As a History of Art Study Abroad/International student also known as an Affiliate here at UCL you will have a Study Abroad/Affiliate Tutor Diana Dethloff  who is here to give you detailed advice and guidance to help you make the best possible use of the wide range of opportunities available in the History of Art Department itself and in other departments at UCL.

When you apply for admission to UCL, you will normally apply to one subject area (full list of degrees available), where you will be expected to take at least 50% of your courses. Thereafter, you can select the remainder of your courses from other subject areas without the need for direct admission. This level of flexibility offers opportunities that many study abroad students take advantage of. Prerequisites may of course apply, to ensure that you have sufficient prior knowledge. Taking courses in other disciplines is also dependent on space on the relevant course being available.

History of Art Affiliate students register for the same History of Art courses as their UCL counterparts, this does depend on their background and level of specialism within the discipline. Normally students take second year level courses while they are here. You can choose to specialise in courses within a particular time period or to range more widely over the courses on offer in any one year, perhaps combining courses in History of Art with those in another UCL department.

History of Art BA courses

Programme Contacts

As a History of Art Study Abroad - or Affiliate student as you will be known at UCL - you will have an Affiliate Tutor Diana Dethloff  who is here to give you detailed advice and guidance to help you make the best possible use of the wide range of opportunities available in the History of Art Department itself and in other departments at UCL.