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Ben Pollitt


I graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MA (Hons.) in English Literature in 1996 and from Birkbeck College, University of London, with an MA in History of Art in 2015. I have twenty years’ experience working in the education sector.


Sympathy Unbound: Dissonance and Attachment in the Pacific Works of John Webber

My research focuses on the work of John Webber (1751-1793), the artist who accompanied Captain James Cook on his third voyage (1776-1780). My overarching concern relates to contemporary debates around sympathy. At once a mysterious force capable of binding things as well as people together and a guiding moral principle, the word sympathy in the late eighteenth century blurred the boundaries between superstition and Enlightenment rationality. Sympathy was certainly at its most semantically expansive during this period, associated, among other things, with fellow feeling, contagion, transfusion, the great chain of being, electro-magnetism, autonomic reflexes and the principle of caprice. What light, I ask, might these divergent definitions of the term shed on the voyage and its encounters and, in seeking to manifest sympathy, how do Webber’s images articulate its contested meanings?

Research interests

Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British visual/material culture, empire, encounter and the contact zone, affect, sympathy, anthropology, memory and memorialization, archives, art theory, history of science and technology, colour and weather.


Critical Histories of Art Studentship, UCL, 2017-19

Caird Short-Term Research Fellowship 2018

Paul Mellon Research Support Grant 2017

Andrew Wyld Research Support Grant 2015


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Catalogue Essays

‘European Rivers c. 1824-39,’ in Tate’s online catalogue J.M.W. Turner: Sketchbooks, Drawings and Watercolors. (forthcoming)

Public Scholarship

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‘James Cook and Benjamin Franklin,’ British Library Untold Lives Blog. (2018) https://blogs.bl.uk/untoldlives/2018/07/james-cook-and-benjamin-franklin.html

A series of twenty-four essays on nineteenth-century works of art and architecture designed for A-Level History of Art students (2010-2013): https://smarthistory.org/author/benpollitt/


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2018-19  Course Tutor: HART0014 Art in London: 1600-1850

2018-19 Teaching Assistant: HART0031 History of the Category “Art”

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