History of Art



2015 Autumn Term

Thursday 8 October

Professor Margaret Iversen

University of Essex

Vision in Slow Motion
Thursday 22 OctoberDr Natasha Ruiz-Gomez

Shaking the Tyranny of the Cadaver: Doctor Paul Richer and the Living Écorché

poster for the event (pdf)


Thursday 19 November

Dr Hans Christian Hönes

(Research project 'Bilderfahrzeuge' at the Warburg Institute)

Gottfried Kinkel at UCL: The Beginnings of Academic Art History


Thursday 10 December

Dr Lora Angelova

University College London

What the Gel is Going on? Exploring Gel-based Surface Cleaning for Works of Art

poster for the event (pdf)

Followed by Object launch

2016 Spring Term

Thursday 21 January

Professor Mignon Nixon

University College London

War Inside: Carolee Schneemann's Viet Flakes

poster for the event (pdf)

Thursday 11 February

Professor Jennifer Tucker

Wesleyan University and Birkbeck Institute for Humanities Visiting Fellow

Facing Facts: The Significance of the Tichborne Trial (1867-1874) in Victorian Photography, Law and Visual Imagination

poster for the event (pdf)

Thursday 25 FebruaryProfessor Wu Hung
University of Chicago

The Inscribed Studio Portrait as Self-image: Photographing a New Self in Early Twentieth-Century China

poster for the event (pdf)

Thursday 3 March

Professor Katie Hornstein

Dartmouth College

Beasts Within: Leonine Encounters in Post-Revolutionary France

poster for the event (pdf)

Thursday 17 March

Professor Ting Chang

University of Nottingham

French Sinology and Gustave Caillebotte's Portrait of Henri Cordier, 1883

poster for the event (pdf)