This page will be dedicated to information about, and links to, other research projects on similar topics.  If there are any other relevant projects or resources out there which we could usefully link to, please let us know!

Resources and Research Projects

Imagines Italicae:  A catalogue and database of Italian inscriptions in early Latin, Umbrian and the Oscan languages, under development by UCL and the Institute of Classical Studies.

Script, Writing and Culture in the Ancient World:  An consortium of projects to create online catalogues of the Jeffrey archive of Greek inscriptions, the Ashmolean epigraphic collection, the British Museum and Cairo Museum papyrus collections, the Vindolanda tablets, and curse tablet from Gloucestershire.

Latin Inscriptions from Eichstätt:  A searchable database of Latin Inscriptions from ILS and selected items from CIL.

Heidelberg Epigraphic Databank: Major online corpus of Latin inscriptions

International Epidoc Programme: Aphrodisias Pilot Project: Online Greek inscriptions from Aphrodisias

Images of Orality and Literacy:  A collection of visual images relating to literacy in the Classical Greek world.

Societies and Organisations

British Epigraphy Society:  Events and information dedicated to the study of epigraphy.

AIEGL (Association Internationale d' Épigraphie Grecque et Latine): The international epigraphic society

ASGL (American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy): Events, announcements, and on-line resources.

Technical Resources and Guidelines

International Epidoc Programme: Internationally-agreed standardisation and guidelines for epigraphic databases on the web.

Eichstätt Concordance Project:  A concordance programme for inscriptions published in AE and SEG.