The Literacy Databases



The main publication of the findings and results of Developmental Literacy in Early Italy will be a two-volume work published by the Institute of Classical Studies.  However, the databases of inscriptions and bibliography are important research tools in their own right, and we hope to make them available in searchable form on this website in due course.  Publication arrangements for Etruscan Literacy in its Socio-Cultural Context will be published on this website in due course.

Database strategy

The database is designed to be fully searchable, and to include details of archaeological context and the relationship between text and artefact as well as the inscription and its interpretation. The contextual information to be recorded includes: location, type of site, archaeological context, type of artefact, associated finds, dating evidence. The description will include length of inscription, details of script, direction of writing, and punctuation. Issues such as language relationships, internal evidence of date, and interpretation of text will be dealt with in the cases where good evidence exists. It will also include visual material - photographs or drawings of text or artefacts - where possible. 

We aim to put the first instalment of data onto this website in Spring 2004.  This will be primarily drawn from the inscriptions of north east Italy and will include the database of inscriptions in the ancient Venetic script and language.

Epigraphic data on the web

In the first instance, our web database will probably be configured as an Access database, but the literacy research project fully supports the International Epidoc Programme to introduce a common standard for epigraphic data on the web.  We intend to convert our current database to the Epidoc XML protocols at some stage in the near future.