UCL Alumni


Official global alumni groups policy

UCL is proud to have a global alumni community, with groups and community networks led by volunteers around the world. This policy is provided to support group leaders and volunteers.

1. Purpose

Volunteer-led alumni groups play an important role in the development of a strong and engaged global community of UCL alumni and supporters. The purpose of an alumni group in each geographical area is to:

  • Facilitate connections between each other and the university
  • Provide opportunities for alumni to volunteer 
  • Support prospective and current students, and welcome new graduates 
  • Advocate for UCL and help raise UCL's profile globally 
  • Support UCL engagement and philanthropy campaigns

2. Recognition

All volunteer-led alumni groups officially recognised by UCL are listed on the alumni website. Only recognised alumni groups may use the UCL logo and name, following guidelines set out in the Use of UCL Brand section. 

Global Alumni Groups are for alumni within a particular geographical area. There is no minimum number of members or group volunteers as long as they can fulfil the expectations outlined below. 

Alumni wishing to become involved with alumni activity in a particular country or region should contact the UCL Alumni Relations Team in the first instance at alumni@ucl.ac.uk 

3. How UCL supports alumni groups

The Alumni Relations team will support official alumni groups through:

  • Providing support and guidance through a dedicated UCL Alumni Relations Team contact
  • Responding to requests within five working days
  • Helping to promote events by posting on the UCL alumni website, and where appropriate sending invitations to the alumni database, promoting on official UCL social media channels, and profiling in UCL alumni newsletters 
  • Assisting with the setup and maintenance of a digital group on UCL Bentham Connect
  • Connecting alumni group volunteers with each other and seeking new volunteers as necessary
  • Facilitating introductions to relevant contacts within the university, including academic faculty, as appropriate
  • Providing an opportunity to bid for funding to support alumni activities through the annual alumni groups fund
  • Supporting and thanking our volunteers
  • We also run an annual Alumni Volunteer Awards, recognising volunteers for their valuable work

4. How alumni groups support UCL

The leadership or committee of each group is expected to:

  • Agree to the UCL Volunteer Agreement in writing
  • Keep in regular contact with their UCL Alumni Relations Team contact
  • Act as ambassadors for UCL within their geographical area 
  • Ensure the group is inclusive and welcoming to all resident or visiting UCL alumni
  • Respond to UCL’s Annual Review for Global Alumni Groups
  • Respond to all reasonable requests for information by the Alumni Relations Team 
  • Follow the Global Alumni Groups guidance outlined on this page

5. Group structures

Alumni groups should decide their own organisational structure, which typically involves leadership by a number of alumni volunteers in a committee. The Alumni Relations Team can provide support through best practice guidance and suggested role descriptions.

Group volunteers are typically based in the relevant geographical area. Leadership of volunteer groups should typically serve a maximum of two terms of three consecutive years and provide reasonable opportunities for new alumni volunteers. 

If operating a separate bank account, the group leadership should ensure there is a named alumni volunteer as treasurer, with a second committee member or leader as signatory for all transactions. 

UCL may cease its formal affiliation and support of an alumni volunteer and remove them from their leadership role if they do not adhere to the terms of the volunteer agreement and UCL’s official guidance for alumni groups. 

6. Events

Alumni groups are encouraged to organise a minimum of two events per year, open to all alumni in their country/network. Activities supporting prospective students, current students or recent graduates are encouraged. 

The leadership of each alumni group is expected to submit a draft programme of their events for the year ahead through their Annual Review submission. Any events programmed should be inclusive and representative of alumni in their geographical region

The UCL alumni website Events page and UCL Bentham Connect should be the primary sources for all alumni group event listings. It is the responsibility of the volunteer event organiser to ensure:

  • Their UCL Alumni Relations Team contact is notified a minimum of two weeks in advance of any event to allow for sufficient promotion on the official platforms stated above.
  • Their UCL Alumni Relations Team contact is notified a minimum of four weeks in advance of any event where promotion through UCL’s alumni database (e.g. all alumni based in France) and/or UCL alumni social media platforms is requested.
  • The Alumni Events Code of Conduct is stated on the event invitation(s)
  • Attendee registration lists are returned to their Alumni Relations Team contact after each event. For information about how to safely return event registration lists in accordance with Data Protection best practice, please read our guidance.

7. Use of UCL brand

UCL is extremely fortunate to have a prestigious brand that is recognised around the world. Our branding guidelines for alumni groups (PDF) ensure a consistent and coherent design for alumni group logos, and that our reputation is legally protected from misrepresentation.

UCL’s logo, portico icon and the letters ‘UCL’ are registered trademarks and must not be used, recreated or modified without permission. Each officially recognised alumni group has a tailored logo which can be requested from your Alumni Relations Team contact. 

Alumni wishing to register domain names or set up social media groups using the UCL brand should contact the UCL Alumni Relations Team in the first instance at alumni@ucl.ac.uk

8. Relationship with UCL

  • UCL bears no financial responsibility for the finances of an alumni group/network.
  • UCL’s insurance does not cover alumni groups or their events or activities. Groups are encouraged to seek independent advice regarding insurance.
  • Personal data relating to alumni is held by the UCL Alumni Relations Team. Alumni groups do not have access to this data, but we can work with groups to advise on the best way to promote events and activities to alumni in your region. Read our further guidance on data privacy and data protection for Global Alumni Groups.  

9. Fundraising

UCL’s Office of the Vice-Provost (Advancement) oversees all fundraising activity for the university. Alumni Groups are encouraged to support UCL’s strategic fundraising activity by promoting the UCL Campaign Fund and other priority fundraising projects to group members and their networks. If you are considering fundraising as part of your group’s activity, please contact your Alumni Relations Team contact to discuss your plans, receive advice from UCL’s team of professional fundraisers and gain access to approved materials and resources.