UCL and The Turing


Turing people at UCL

Find out more about UCL's Turing community and the support available to them from our Turing University Lead and University Liaison Manager.

Who's who

University Liaison

Miguel Rodrigues | Turing University Team (22/23 lead)

The primary research link between the Turing and UCL

Professor Miguel Rodrigues UCL Turing University Team

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Elsa Arcaute | Turing University Team member

Professor Elsa Arcaute UCL Turing University Team

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Irina Brass | Turing University Team member

Dr Irina Brass, Turing University Team member, Associate Professor - Regulation, Innovation and Public Policy Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP)
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Rosie Niven | University Liaison Manager 

The administrative link between the Turing and UCL

Rosie Niven UCL ULM

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Turing Fellows

Bani Anvari

David Atkinson

David Barber

Michael Batty*

Chris Barnes

Alexandros Beskos

Tao Cheng

Toby Davies

Aureo de Paula

Petros Dellaportas

Steven Gray

Benjamin Guedj

Serge Guillas


Honorary Fellow

James Hetherington


Lasana Harris

Matt Kusner

Stephen Law

Nicholas Lesica

Bradley Love

Manolis Mavrikis

Jason McEwan

Mirco Musolesi

Hao Ni

Neave O'Clery

Aidan O'Sullivan

Christina Pagel*

Brooks Paige


Miguel Rodrigues

Ricardo Silva

Melanie Smallman

Maarten Speekenbrink

Jack Stilgoe

Laura Toni

Ingo Waldmann

Daniel Wilhelm

Honghan Wu

Helge Wurdemann

Jinghao Xue

Emine Yilmaz

Chen Zhong

*Special appointments by the Alan Turing Institute in 2021