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The Justice Gap

Applications for this opportunity are now closed.

7 September 2023

About the project

The Justice Gap is an award-winning online magazine aimed at the public about 'the law and justice' and the difference between the two. It was set up by the journalist Jon Robins in 2011.

As well as being a journalist, Jon is a lecturer in criminology at Brighton University - he has also lectured in journalism. The site is about journalism and shining a light on those parts of the justice system that don’t often see the light of day in the mainstream media. It has had over 700 contributors since it launched, including leading lawyers - for example, the then Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders, and campaigning lawyers such as Michael Mansfield QC; prominent journalists including Eric Allison and Ian Cobain (Guardian), David Rose (Mail on Sunday), Bob Woffinden and David Jessel; academics and high profile commentators.

The site has run interviews with leading members of the legal profession, for example, former Court of Appeal judge, Sir Henry Brooke, Lord David Runciman of the 1993 Royal Commission on Criminal Justice, and Professor Michael Zander QC; politicians including former Lord Chancellor, Lord Charlie Falconer; the London mayor Sadiq Khan; campaigners including Paddy Hill, Peter Tatchell and Liberty’s Shami Chakrabarti and Martha Spurrier; as well as film producers Jimmy McGovern and Ken Loach and broadcaster Paul Gambacinni.

One of the big ideas behind the Justice Gap is to broaden the discussion about law and justice and include voices and perspectives not normally heard in the debate.

Student role

The Justice Gap, in collaboration with Cardiff University, Manchester University, The University of Glasgow and University College London (UCL), runs a reporter scheme open to law students with an interest in journalism and a commitment to human rights.

Successful candidates will receive training in news writing and journalistic skills. They will contribute to the site as Justice Gap reporters, writing news as well as features and investigations. This is the first year of the scheme and the initial idea is for each university to take responsibility for writing, editing and uploading short  news  reports  for  a  week  at  a  time.  

The reporter scheme will rotate around the universities within the partnership, with UCL's first publishing period falling between February to June.  All students be linked to supervising staff members who will edit and approve all written pieces prior to publication. Please do note this falls on Reading Week, and you would need to be available during this period. The later dates will be confirmed at a later stage. 

During each of the one-week periods in which UCL publishes, you would need to commit to a minimum of 1 articles. These are brief 250-350 word articles written in journalistic style (with full training provided). The topics will either be allocated to you, or if you have an interesting idea, please do approach your supervisors. 

This opportunity will be remote. 

What you'll gain

  • Training in concise journalistic writing
  • Consideration of the law in wider society
  • Commercial awareness and awareness of access to justice issues 
  • Experience of drafting and editing written work for publication 

What we're looking for

This opportunity is open to all UCL Laws students. Candidates will need to commit 1 article per 1 week period in which UCL is responsible for article publication. 

How to apply

Applications for this opportunity are now closed.