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24 September 2023

About the project

The Access to Justice Blog is a student-led online forum where students can write about current public interest and social justice issues or reflect on their pro bono experiences. Our aim is to raise awareness of the importance of pro bono work and the major hurdles, both domestic and international, that currently limit access to justice. We seek to do so through an analysis of the way in which law can be used as either a barrier or a tool for individual justice. 

What can you write about? 

We are always looking for new perspectives and voices on access to justice issues. We have three basic categories of articles:

i) volunteering experience (In these posts, students can reflect on the experience of doing pro bono or volunteering whether through projects organised by the CAJ or externally) 

ii) articles on current access to justice issues; and

iii) article summarising CAJ events.  

The article must be centred on access to justice issues which allows for a wide of selection of potential issues. For example, access to justice entails empowering vulnerable people to exercise their rights such as non-discrimination and improving legal protection and aid, as well as issues such as police brutality, inhumane prison conditions and pre-trial detention to name a few.  

Our aim is to address these issues and offer potential solutions. We welcome blog posts that take a comparative view of the issue in different jurisdictions.  

What format needs to be followed?   

We are open to different formats and there is no need for footnotes. There is no set wordcount, however most articles we post are around 400-600 words.

If you submit a piece we simply need a title for the post and a one-two sentence biography of you to add to your submission (for example your name, your degree & year group).  

How can you get involved? 

This opportunity is open all students and staff (LLB, LLM and PhD candidates). 

If you are interested in writing for the Access to Justice Blog or have an idea for a post, please complete this Microsoft Form. 

If you have any other specific questions do not hesitate to contact Ci Heng (our SPBC Publications Officer) at skye.tan.22@ucl.ac.uk or contact the SPBC at caj.spbc@ucl.ac.uk


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" 
-Martin Luther King