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Amicus (UCL Chapter)

Applications for this opportunity will open shortly.

About the Project

Amicus ALJ is a legal charity in the United Kingdom that works to provide support to capital defence lawyers in the United States. The UCL Chapter of Amicus provides a platform for both law and non-law students to become involved with Amicus ALJ. Our Project’s aim is to raise awareness of the death penalty and provide a forum for students to engage with the surrounding legal issues.

About Amicus at UCL

The UCL Amicus Committee manage and organise events that will achieve the objectives of Amicus ALJ itself. This includes raising awareness for the internship programme, the death penalty and general issues regarding access to justice. 

Most importantly you will work to educate others in the UCL community, and beyond, about the death penalty and the work of Amicus ALJ. Last year we organised a number of activities including:

  • Panel event raising interest for the Amicus Internship.
  • Mock Trial Competition on the death penalty.
  • Debate against KCL on the use of lethal injections.
  • Invited guest speakers Sunny Jacobs and Peter Pringle.
  • Bake sale to raise funds for Amicus.
  • Started a blog

Current Vacancies

Events Officer x 2 

  • Responsible for assisting the delivery of Committee events (including careers and networking events, as well panel discussions on human rights / criminal justice/ access to justice topics);
  • To organize, with assistance from Amicus, all event logistical details;
  • To recruit and manage additional event volunteers to assist with on-the-day event coordination where required;
  • To liaise with the Co-Presidents in setting the Events Agenda for the Academic year.
  • To cooperate with the Social Media Team to promote and publicise events;

Social media and Campaigns Officers x 2

  • Responsible for promoting Amicus’s events and activities 
  • Each Officer will be assigned to work on primarily Internal or External facing campaigns work (Amicus’s updates and upcoming programmes); 
  • Internal campaigns will involve promoting careers, fundraising events and competitions held by Amicus’s UCL Chapter. 
  • External campaigns will focus on raising awareness of death penalty, and promoting Amicus’s upcoming training programmes/placements, and encourage students to purchase Amicus membership.
  • Whether internal or external facing both Officers will be free to create dynamic, engaging content in support of their campaigns, to be published on the Amicus social media channels including Facebook and Instagram.

Mock Trial Officer x1

  • Responsible for organising and delivering Amicus mooting competitions and mock trials. 
  • This includes setting up the competition registration, reserving the location and delivering the competitions.
  • The officer will need to liaise with Amicus for inviting a guest judge for the competitions.   
  • To cooperate with the Social Media Team to promote the competitions. 

Fundraising Officer x 1

  • Responsible for devising and implementing the Committee’s fundraising strategy.  
  • Communicate with Amicus for resources and connections to run fundraising events.
  • Subsequently coordinating a mix of small and large-scale fundraising activities to raise money for the selected causes: e.g. bake sales / book sales / sponsored activities/valentine fundraising events
  • To liaise with the Co-presidents and rest of the committee in setting the Amicus fundraising strategy. 
  • To cooperate with the Social Media Team to promote and publicize SPBC fundraising initiatives.

Journal Coordinator x 1

  • Responsible for managing Amicus’s contribution to UCL CAJ blog and AMICUS newsletter
  • This will include commissioning and editing articles from students on a range of topics concerning Access to Justice, volunteering and internship experience with Amicus, and the death penalty in the US. 
  • This also includes promoting Amicus Events in the blog 
  • The Journal Coordinator will liaise closely with the social media team to encourage entry submissions and the events officers.

How to Apply

Applications for this year's commitee are now closed.

Should you have any questions, please contact Anna Vander at anna.vander.22@ucl.ac.uk