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The ASCR Constitution has been amended a number of times since it was drawn up in February 1978, most recently, in November 2020.

ASCR Constitution

(approved at the ASCR Annual General Meeting on 21st November 2018)

1. Definition
2. Membership
3. Guests
4. Committee and Officers
5. General Meetings
6. Finance
7. Constitution
8. Future Strategy

Article 1. Definition

The ASCR is an association of members of staff of UCL. The Association occupies rooms customarily provided for members' exclusive use. Its aims are to enhance the academic and collegial focus of UCL and to promote collegiality at all levels.

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Article 2. Membership

2a. Membership is open to current members of staff, both salaried and honorary, on payment of an annual subscription fee determined at a General Meeting. Members of the ASCR may continue their membership on their retirement. Staff of other institutions may be invited by the Committee to become members. Staff of other organisations may be considered for membership by the Committee on a case by case basis.

2b. Continued occasional use of the Common Room shall be available to longstanding members of the ASCR on their retirement. Occasional use is also available to Honorary Fellows of UCL (among whom are included all those formerly designated Fellows of UCL), recipients of Honorary Degrees of UCL and current lay members of UCL Council.

2c. The Committee may elect Honorary Members in recognition of their service to UCL or to the Common Room.

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Article 3. Guests

3a. Members may invite guests into the Common Room up to a number from time to time agreed by the Committee.

3b. Except by permission of an Officer of the Committee, staff members of UCL who choose not to be members of the ASCR may not normally be admitted.

3c. Visiting members of staff of other institutions who wish to use the facilities of the Common Room on a regular basis during their attachment to UCL shall apply to the Honorary Secretary for temporary membership.

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Article 4. Committee and Officers

4a. The Common Room shall be managed by a Committee constituted of no more than twenty members.

4b. Members of the Committee shall be elected for a year at a time at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations to the Committee shall be proposed and seconded by members of the ASCR. In the event of there being more nominations than membership places the Honorary Secretary shall arrange an election.

4c. At the first meeting after the AGM, the Committee shall elect among their number a Chair, Honorary Secretary and Treasurer, herein after referred to as the Officers. Minutes shall be taken of the meetings of the Committee and of General Meetings, and shall be subject to formal approval and signature by the Chair of the Committee.

4d. Five members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum for a formal meeting of the Committee.

4e. The terms of reference of the Committee are as follows:

§ To elect the Officers of the ASCR.

§ To manage and organise facilities, services and activities for the benefit of members.

§ As appropriate, from time to time to co-opt officers or ordinary members and to appoint sub-committees for specific purposes.

§ To elect Honorary Members in recognition of their service to UCL or to the Common Room.

§ To report the actions taken at General Meetings.

§ To maintain a list of members.

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Article 5. General Meetings

5a. An Annual General Meeting shall normally be held in each academic year, and will normally take place on the third Wednesday of November.

5b. Other General Meetings may be called at the discretion of the Committee or shall be called by the Honorary Secretary at the request of at least forty members.

5c. Notice of a General Meeting shall normally be given at least two weeks in advance of the date of the Meeting.

5d. The quorum for a General Meeting shall be forty members of the ASCR.

5e. The business of a General Meeting shall include, inter alia:

§ Approval of the Minutes of the previous AGM

§ Annual Report of the Committee

§ Treasurer's Report and Presentation of Accounts

§ Election of Committee

§ Appointment of Honorary Auditors for the next year

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Article 6. Finance

6a. Members shall pay an annual subscription, which shall be determined at a General Meeting and payable on 1st October each year.

6b. The Honorary Treasurer shall present audited accounts for the previous financial year at the Annual General Meeting.

6c. The accounts shall be audited by one or more Honorary Auditors, who shall not be members of the Committee, elected at the previous Annual General Meeting.

6d. Document detailing the general financial arrangements: 

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Article 7. Constitution

The Constitution of the ASCR and any amendments thereto shall be approved by a General Meeting of the ASCR, duly convened.

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Article 8. Future Strategy

Document detailing the future strategy of the ASCR:


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(This Constitution was first approved in February 1978; prior to November 2018 it was amended in February 1979, January 1986, December 1999, November 2007, November 2008, November 2011, November 2012 , November 2018 and November 2020.)