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Galapagos pictures page (July-Aug 2000)

A trip to Baltra - N. Seymour - Santiago/Bartolome - Genovesa - Santiago (Puerto Egas) - Rabida - Santa Cruz (Puerto Aroya) - Floreana - Espanola - Plazas - Baltra

(organised by Discovery Initiatives)

Diamante (112 ft brigantine schooner)

GPS shows us 20 miles south of equator

The map

(from Cornell) For other maps click here



Frigate birds

Frigate birds trying to steal fish from sea lion

Marine iguanas

Miscellaneous Galapagos pictures

Land iguana

Night Heron

Life takes root in 100-year old lava on Santiago

Sea lion suckling

Sally Lightfoot crabs

The boat -Diamante

AC at the helm

Radar shows Santa Cruz coast to port, a rock (Isla Sin Nombre) to starboard, and part of Pinzon astern, heading approximately SE from Santiago (James) to Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz.

DC at the helm

Ecuador pictures

Hacienda Pinsaqui, Otavalo Hacienda Pinsaqui, Otavalo Ibarra railway station/market

Cafe Cultura, Quito

Cafe Cultura's cat

Cotopaxi (5887 m/ 19347 ft)