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Some photographs, and previous pictures of the day

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UCL Graduate School Course, June 2003

Understanding ion channel currents in terms of mechanisms.

A course on analysis and interpretation of single ion channel records and macroscopic currents using matrix methods

Alex Caley (ICL)   Linzhong Li   Thomas Nielsen   Claudio Grosman (Illinois, USA)   Tomas Bellamy (NIMR)
Torsten Marquardt   Amy Benians   Chris Mullaley   Jenny Davie
Leah Kelly   Marco Beato   Lucia Sivilotti   David Colquhoun
Prof Frank Ball         Prof Alan Hawkes
(Not in picture, Susanna Atwell (ICL), Peter Proks (Oxford)

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Graduate School, June 27 -July 1, 2005

Understanding ion channel currents in terms of mechanisms.

The other tutor, Marco Beato, is missing from this picture, though he nobly struggled in, on crutches, to take three tutorials

Pictures taken by Martin Postma, during the 2005 course

Tutorial with Marco Beato and Remigijus Lape


Lunch on the portico

Dinner at Pizza Express

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Graduate School, 2006 (July 17 -July 21)

Understanding ion channel currents in terms of mechanisms.

Pictures taken during the 2006 course

Tutorial with Lucia Sivilotti

and with Remigijus Lape

Andrew Plested's tutorial

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Graduate School, 2007 (July 16 - July 20)

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Graduate School, 2008 (July 21 - July 25)

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Graduate School, 2009 (July 13 - July 17)

(Heidi de Wet (Oxford) is missing from picture)

Graduate School, 2010 (August 2 - 6)

The lab photo

Left to right: DC. Margaret Colquhoun, Hélène Castel, Ioana Vais, Stephanie Schorge, Chris Hatton (Philippe Béhé is missing)

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Picture of the day
Lime Hawk Moth caterpillar in UCL quad (2001)
(thanks to John Sparks for identification)

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DC walks across Alps (2001)
(near Seescharte, 2600 m)

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Spring has sprung (2002)

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Highlands of Scotland (2002)

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Spring in Hertfordshire -Spring in Iraq (2003)

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Engiadine Valley, July 2003

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Spring has sprung, 2004

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Fellows of UCL, May 2004 With Lynne Truss and Michael Freeman

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Atlantic Pyrenees, June 2004

Another new hip, 10-Sep-04
The Birmingham left hip resurfacing is intended to ensure another 10 years of mountain walking.

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Autumn, 2004

Puffballs, Amanita muscaria
Phallus impudicus, Coprinus picaceus, Coriolus versicolor

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April 2005. Beech, bluebells and primroses

Cricket (AC bowling) and new car

June 2005: walking through Cevennes

Marbled (or High Brown?) Fritillary and Scarce Swallowtail

Christmas in the garden at home, 28 Dec 2005, –3°C

Thames in May 2006. Heron, tern, grebe, tree peony .

Grebes' nest on the Thames in June 2006. Parents swap places on nest.

The next two spectacular pictures are nothing to so with me. They were taken in the French Pyrenees by Tim Bergel (Senior Programmer at Cambridge Electronic Design). I thought that they were so good that they should be seen. These are low resolution versions. Eventually Tim will create a site with high resolution pictures)

Chalkhill Blue
Spotted Fritillary