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Sarah Hussain passes her VIVA

Congratulations to Sarah on passing her VIVA! Sarah's dissertation on Application of Quantum Magnetometers to Security and Defence Screening will be available soon in the Theses section.
All the best to Sarah for her future career!

./Group 11/01/2018

A few upgrades

Now you can find us more easily, thanks to our new map, and you can also cite us more easily, thanks to the BibTeX files of our papers and our expanded Publications section.

./Website 02/01/2018

New paper in Physics Letters B

Our latest paper on a new collective mechanism for producing coherent gamma photons from a 135mCs Bose-Einstein condensate has been published in Physics Letters B.
The official reference is:
L. Marmugi, Philip M. Walker, and F. Renzoni, Coherent gamma photon generation in a Bose–Einstein condensate of 135mCs, Phys. Lett. B 777, 281-285 (2018)
DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2017.12.036.

./Publication 22/12/2017

Roberta Guilizzoni successfully completes her VIVA

Congratulations to Roberta on her successful VIVA! Her dissertation on A resonant system for electromagnetic induction imaging of concealed conductive targets will be available soon.
Roberta will now permanently leave for a research position in the Electronic and Magnetic Materials group at the National Physical Laboratory. Good luck!

./Group 14/12/2017

News from from Finland

We have just obtained new results in our journey towards ultra-cold nuclear matter, and a new milestone for the EU MSCA project "GAMMALAS". More will follow!

./Updates 28/11/2017

The National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2017

Our group will be present at The National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2017 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, London, SW1P 3EE. We will present our research on imaging and sensing with atomic magnetometers.
The event is organised by EPSRC, in collaboration with the National Network of Quantum Technology Hubs and the other National Programme Partners; Innovate UK, BEIS, National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN).

./Talk 22/11/2017

Homepage and Photo section redesigned

We have redesigned the homepage, and added tags to the news entries. The photo section was changed for improved readability and faster loading. Have a look!

./Website 19/11/2017

Talk on imaging with atomic magnetometers

Cameron will present our research on Imaging with atomic magnetometers at the next UCL Physics Postgraduate Society talk on 09/11/2017 at 6 pm. Room E3/E7, UCL Physics Building, London WC1E 6BT.

./Talk 09/11/2017

New website online

Our new website is finally online!

./Website 03/11/2017

Lecture on conductivity mapping of the heart

Luca Marmugi will give a lecture on Magnetic Induction Tomography of the Heart with Atomic Magnetometers for UCL second year Physics undergraduates. The lecture will be later on available on Lecturecast.

./Talk 31/10/2017

Vacancies section now open

New pages for the website: we have just added the Work With Us section. Please, check it regularly for information on availability of positions in our group.

./Website 20/10/2017

Machine learning and atomic magnetometers: new paper on ArXiv

Our pre-print paper on the first application of machine learning to imaging with atomic magnetometers has just appeared in ArXiv .
C. Deans, L. D. Griffin, L. Marmugi, and F. Renzoni, Machine learning based localization and classification with atomic magnetometers, arXiv:1710.06629 (2017).

./Publication 18/10/2017

Visit and Talk by Prof Iain Moore

Prof Iain Moore (University of Jyväskylä), one of our collaborators for the ultra-cold nuclear matter experiment and spokesperson of the IGISOL collaboration visited our laboratories in London today. Iain gave a very interesting talk "Optical spectroscopy for nuclear and atomic science at JYFL, Finland" in the context of the AMOPP group weekly talks.

./Visit 04/10/2017

Krishna Jadeja and Yuval Cohen join our group!

We are happy to welcome Krishna and Yuval to our group. Krishna studied at UCL, Yuval studied in Birmingham, and they both begin today their four year PhD. Krishna and Yuval will join the ultra-cold nuclear matter experiment.

./Group 03/10/2017

Cameron Deans to present his research at the UCLQ Annual Event: Engineering a Quantum Future

Cameron will present today a poster on his research on Conductivity mapping of biological tissues with atomic magnetometers at the UCLQ Annual Event: Engineering a Quantum Future, IDEA London, 69 Wilson Street, London EC2A 2BB.

./Talk 29/09/2017

Raffaele Nolli passes his VIVA

Congratulations to Raffaele on successfully passing his VIVA.
Raffaele's thesis Rubidium 87 Bose Einstein condensate in a driven 1D optical lattice will be available soon.
Best wishes to Raffaele for his future endeavours!

./Group 25/09/2017

New paper in Optics Express

A new paper on EMI imaging with atomic magnetometers has been published in Optics Express.
C. Deans, L. Marmugi, and F. Renzoni, Through-barrier electromagnetic imaging with an atomic magnetometer Opt. Express 25, 15, 17911-17917 (2017) DOI: 10.1364/OE.25.017911.

./Publication 18/07/2017

Our work featured in the UCL Physics and Astronomy Annual Review

Our work on electromagnetic induction imaging with atomic magnetometers is featured on page 31 of the 2016-2017 Annual Review of the UCL Department of Physics and Astronomy... Go and check on page 27 as well: we made it to the cover of "Research Spotlight"!

Bonus trivia: can you spot us on the steps?

./Publication 07/07/2017

Talk at OSA Imaging and Applied Optics 2017

Cameron Deans will give a talk entitled Electromagnetic induction imaging with atomic magnetometers on Tuesday 27th June at 15:15, in the Imaging Systems and Applications session of the OSA Imaging and Applied Optics 2017 conference in San Francisco (USA).

./Talk 26/06/2017

Talk at The Royal Free Hospital, London

Luca Marmugi will give an invited Research Talk at the Division of Surgery and Interventional Science. Luca will report on Atomic Magnetometers for Magnetic Induction Tomography of the Heart on 22nd May at 12:00, at The Royal Free Hospital Campus.

./Talk 22/05/2017

Dr Andrea Loreti joins our group

We have a new member of the group, Dr Andrea Loreti. Andrea will join us a PDRA for five months. He will work on a portable sensor based on Magnetic Induction Tomography (MIT) with Atomic Magnetometers.

./Group 01/04/2017

Quantum Hub Sensors and Metrology meeting in Glasgow

We will participate to the UK National Quantum Technology Hub in Sensors and Metrology Meeting in Glasgow on 21st-22nd February 2017. Luca Marmugi will present a poster Towards Conductivity Maps of Biological Tissues with Atomic Magnetometers on 22nd February.

./Talk 21/02/2017

Our paper among the most cited articles of Applied Physics Letters

Our paper Electromagnetic induction imaging with a radio-frequency atomic magnetometer, Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 10, 103503 (2016), DOI: 10.1063/1.4943659 has been listed among the Most Cited Applied Physics Letters Papers in 2016.

Electromagnetic induction imaging with a radio-frequency atomic magnetometer One of the most cited articles published in Applied Physics Letters last year.

Posted by AIP Publishing on Monday, February 6, 2017

./Publication 31/01/2017

Brendan Darrer passes his VIVA

Congratulations to Brendan Darrer on successfully passing his VIVA.
Brendan's thesis Electromagnetic induction imaging through metallic shields can be found here and will be soon available in our Theses section.

./Group 26/01/2017

New paper on Applied Optics

Our paper Remote detection of rotating machinery with a portable atomic magnetometer has been published in Applied Optics.
L. Marmugi, L. Gori, S. Hussain, C. Deans, and F. Renzoni, Appl. Opt. 56, 3, 743-749 (2017) DOI: 10.1364/AO.56.000743.

./Publication 19/01/2017

UCL AMOPP Talk on Atomic Magnetometers for MIT

The next UCL AMOPP Talk will be given by Luca Marmugi on Wednesday 11th January in Physics A1 at 16:00. Luca will talk about Electromagnetic Induction Imaging with Atomic Magnetometers: A Novel Multi-Purpose Sensing Platform.

./Update 11/01/2017

Ferruccio's new book is now available

The book Brownian ratchets: from statistical physics to bio- and nano-motors by David Cubero and Ferruccio Renzoni is now available at Cambridge University Press.

Book cover ./Publication 01/01/2017