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Lecturecast is a system for recording lectures and making them available online and via Moodle.

Lecturecast is currently available in more than 50 teaching spaces across the university (visit the Digital Education website for a full list of spaces).

How does it work?

Echo 360 software captures the lecturer speaking and can record information input from any connected device or programme, such as PowerPoint. Everything is automated so all the lecturer needs to do is complete an online booking form giving a minimum of three days' notice; they are then able to edit the recording online before releasing it to students. 

In this video, John Mitchell, Chair of the Online Media Board which looks after Lecturecast, explains its benefits.

To hear about Lecturecast from both a first-hand teaching perspective (courtesy of Professor Peter Delves) and a student, watch this video:

Enhancing teaching and learning

Lecturecast reinforces learning by giving students 24-hour access to the taught components of their courses. This is of particular benefit to students who have English as a second language or who have learning difficulties. Lecturecast provides a fully customisable environment in which to navigate the lecture and accompanying slides.

Here's an example of Lecturecast being used by Dr Andrea Townsend-Nicholson (Department of Structural and Molecular Biology). You can log in using your usual UCL username and password. 

Recording lectures in advance

A growing number of staff members are using online software to film themselves giving their lectures in advance, so that students can watch the lecture and accompanying slides online before the allotted teaching time and then use the contact hours for an interactive discussion with their classmates and the lecturer. This is known as 'lecture-flipping'. 

Carl Gombrich, Programme Director of the BASc, has written and presented on his own experiences of lecture-flipping

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