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Undergraduate degrees

Undergraduate courses

The Institute contributes to and organises a major course module in Women’s Health and Men's Health for approximately 340 undergraduate students each academic year within Year 5 of the medical curriculum:

The Women's Health and Men's Health module comprises Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Breast, GU/HIV and Urology. There is a multidisciplinary approach to teaching where subject areas overlap. Evidence based medicine is taught in an integrated fashion by staff from Public Health, GU/HIV, Urology, Breast, Women’s Health, Ethics and Law, Pathology, Medical Humanities, Use of Medicine and the counselling needs of women are incorporated into the course template.

Teaching and assessment is organised by a Module Management Group (MMG); Melissa Whitten is the lead for Women’s Health, and chair of the Module Management Group.

Course Structure

The module consists of one core week, eight vertical module teaching days (alternate Fridays), two four-week placements in Obstetrics and Gynaecology – one (including community based teaching and Breast) at a base site and one at a District General Hospital (DGH) – and two two-week placements in GU/HIV and Urology. 

Teaching and learning takes place in a variety of settings including  hospital wards, outpatient departments, general practice and other community clinics/centres and includes related aspects of other disciplines such as public health, epidemiology, ethics and law, pathology and use of medicines. Emphasis is placed on integrating these vertical themes, including evaluation of evidence, community orientated medicine, and professional development (in particular communication skills) with teaching and learning in Women’s health and Men’s Health.

The core teaching in week one involves all students on the current module and is based at the Royal Free. The presentations and recordings of the lectures are available on Moodle. Detailed timetables for the four-week placements are issued in advance.  Although the teaching at each site is slightly different all attachments satisfy the aims and objectives of the module and prepare you for the end-of-year examinations. It is expected that students conduct a self-selected team project during this module. This forms the basis of a project presentation during the end of term Assessment Day.

Course information is electronically available and there is an interactive web based learning and revision facility.

In addition, staff across the Institute contribute to modules in earlier years of the medical curriculum and also to intercalated BSc courses and Student Selected Modules. Each year we offer laboratory based and library based projects for both science students and intercalating medical students in the BSc year. One of our objectives in teaching at this level is to introduce students to the range of exciting developments in research at the Institute as part of the aim of recruiting and retaining health professionals in the disciplines covered by the Faculty.

Contact Us

Medical Education Lead

Miss Melissa Whitten

Miss Melissa Whitten

Tel: 020 3447 2697
Email: melissa.whitten@uclh.nhs.uk

Divisional MBBS Module Co-ordinator (WH/MH B Year 5)

jenny Rattray

Mrs Jenny Rattray

Tel: 020 3108 9249 - Royal Free Campus
Tel: 020 7679 0837 (internal 40837) - Bloomsbury Campus
Email: j.rattray@ucl.ac.uk

Teaching Administrator

Ms Laura Alfisi

Tel: 020 7679 0839 (internal 40839)
Email: l.alfisi@ucl.ac.uk