Neural Stem Cells, Development and Repair

William Richardson

Glial development and function

Expression of a GPCR protein in Bergmann glia in the cerebellum. Confocal imaging
  • Ursula Grazini (Post-doc)
  • Sarah Jolly (Post-doc)
  • David Ohayon (Post-doc)
  • Takahiro Shimizu (Post-doc)
  • Richa Tripathi (Post-doc)
  • Lin Xiao (Post-doc)
  • Raquel Taveira-Marques (visiting scientist)
  • Paul Andrew (Technical staff / PhD Student)
  • Eleni Kougioumtzidou (PhD student)
  • Alexander Sinclair-Wilson (PhD student)
  • Nathan Skene (PhD student)
Huiliang Li

Mechanisms of neural development

  • Alejandra Quiroga Del Rio (Post-doc)
  • Wen-Jie Mei (Visiting Fellow)
  • Alexander Fudge (Technical staff)
  • Cheng Yang (PhD student)
New born oligodendrocytes
Detection of new-born oligodendrocytes in the adult corpus callosum. Biological significance: New oligodendrocytes are produced throughout life in the brain. Confocal imaging
Nicoletta Kessaris

Neuronal fate and circuit development

  • Lorenza Magno (Post-doc)
  • Márcio Oliveira (PhD Student)
Alexandra Chittka 

Epigenetic Regulation of Neural Development

  • Christiana Georgiou (Technical staff)
  • Cui Guan (visitor)
  • Hale Tunbak (visitor)
Lab Manager

Matthew Grist

Transgenic Facility Manager 

Ulla Dennehy