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Maísa Edwards, BA French and Spanish
Studied abroad at: Université d'Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse and Universitat de Valencia

During her time in Valencia, Maísa participated in their Cara a Cara scheme which interviewed students who were on Erasmus in Valencia and home students who had been to other countries on Erasmus semesters. You can view her interview below to get an idea of what Valencia is like (please note that the video is in Spanish!)

Greg Tebbutt, Physics & Astronomy
Studied abroad at: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

"RPI has a great campus, the courses are interesting, and studying at a different university has been a brilliant way to meet people. It's a technical school, so the vast majority of students are science/engineering types - very different to UCL, but easy to settle in to as a Physics student. Moving to a different style of teaching was always going to be difficult, but I'd say it's well worth it. If I had to make the choice again I wouldn't hesitate to say yes."

Harrison Cohen, Language & Culture
Studied abroad at: Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

"At the time of writing I have been living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for almost an entire year. My year abroad has allowed me to experience something completely new and exciting, has helped me to become more independent, and has given me the necessary skills to adapt to living in a foreign country, speaking a foreign language, meeting new people, forming a stronger social network and acquiring new skills and experiences."

Guadalajara, Mexico
Louisa Gibbs, Modern Iberian and Latin American Regional Studies
Studied abroad at: Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico

"I have been able to have the best year of my life and I feel I made the best of being in Latin America for a year. Studying at a university in Mexico was the best option in order to integrate and learn, and it still allowed me to have spare time to enjoy the country itself. I was able to improve my Spanish, the courses I took were extremely interesting, and certainly gave me a broader and deeper knowledge of Latin America."

UWA Campus
Anna Smith, Anthropology & Geography
Studied abroad at: University of Western Australia

"Awoken in a panic by bright sunshine, I assume it must be midday, and therefore I have missed all my lectures, but thankfully I remember I’m in Perth and what appears midday sun is in fact only 8am sunlight; one of the joys of living in the sunniest (state) capital city in the world. Perth is truly an amazing place to live and study.

The locally specific courses on offer allow for an indulgence in the area’s geography and culture, perfectly suited to my UCL course in anthropology and geography. The University’s delightful grounds, reminiscent of London’s Kew Gardens, means a peaceful study spot is always available, if like myself, you are not suited to working in libraries. However, the library here, with comfy armchairs looking over James Oval, the centre of the university, provides a perfect spot for an hour’s sleep to break up a hard afternoon of study.

Despite being one of the most isolated places in the world, Western Australia has so much to offer. Weekends away were plentiful; most memorable Margaret River in Australia’s wine region, where we sampled numerous spicy Shiraz and fruity Sauvignon Blanc. A couple of larger trips were equally unforgettable. The true outback experience of the Kimberley, one of Australia’s undiscovered gems was spectacular; peaceful and stunning gorges explored in isolation, contrasted with a lesson in farming. We perched on the yard gates of a cattle station and watched farmers dart between angry bulls which they had mustered in the days previous. The lasting impression of the Kimberley’s spinifex country and the unimaginable expanses of nothingness continue, months later, to bring a huge smile to my face. Esperance achieved the same effect. Australia’s whitest sand and best beaches were no disappointment. Jumping the largest waves I’ve ever seen, I genuinely feared for my life. Thankfully, the gentle snorkelling and general beach banter reduced my heart rate a little.

Studying abroad for me has been an experience of a lifetime. My London life completely juxtaposes my six months down under. Ironically, the laid back attitude which resounds Western Australia has provided me with the most exhilarating experiences of my life."

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