UCL Students Abroad

Contact the Global Student Assistance Programme

Free, confidential support is available anytime, any day, for a variety of professional or personal matters.

REVERSE CHARGE CALLING: +44 208 987 6573

TEXTING: +44 790 934 1229

EMAIL: support@worldwideassist.co.uk

WEBSITE: http://www.eapdirect.co.uk


London Nightline

Confidential listening, support and practical information for students in London

Telephone: 0207 631 0101

Email: listening@nightline.org.uk

Online: Skype/IM


If you find yourself experiencing any difficulties abroad, whether emotional, medical, financial or otherwise, do seek help as soon as you can. Your first point of contact will be your host institution or employer. If you are studying at a university, there may

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be services available such as a health centre or counselling service. If you are unsure of what is available to you, try contacting the International Office or Study Abroad Team at your host uni for advice.  If the difficulty you are experiencing is having a significant impact on your time abroad, please try to inform the Study Abroad Team as soon as possible.

In addition to services at your host university, UCL Study Abroad Team is pleased to introduce the Global Student Assistance Programme, designed to help all of our Study Abroad Students complete their time abroad successfully and allow them to meet their responsibilities both professionally and personally. Details of the service can be found by clicking the link above and the contact details are on the top right hand side of this page. 

The UCL Student Support website can offer valuable advice and information for those going through difficulties. The website includes advice pages on various student issues and also has an online student support group that uses peer support to provide help. The group is only open to UCL students so you need to register online to get access. For more information, visit the UCL Support Pages

If you just need someone to talk to, the London Nightline team are available during UK term time. Because they work from 6pm-8am, this can be useful to you even if you are in a different timezone. As well a phone service, they offer Skype and IM, so it won't cost you a penny.

If you cannot find help in your host country, please remember that UCL is always available to support you. If you do experience difficulties of any kind, no matter how small, please contact the Study Abroad Team or your Study Abroad Tutor for help and advice.

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