How to Decide Guide 2015

If you're having trouble making a decision about whether study abroad is right for you, you might want to download our handy 'How to Decide' Guide 2015

The guide is designed for all undergraduate students who intend to spend, or are considering spending, some time abroad as part of their degree programme. The information is intended as a brief guide to get you thinking about your time away, and to direct you to further resources on this site.

Preparing to Go Abroad

Getting ready to go abroad begins almost as soon as you decide you want to go. As well as the formal preparation requirements of the Study Abroad Programme, there are also many other things to be considered before you book your flight and jet off into the unknown.

Benjamin Franklin

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

― Benjamin Franklin

From the crucial, like organising your visa or getting an EHIC card, to the not-so-crucial, like teaching your grandmother to use Skype, these are the things which can make a good year abroad into an amazing one. As Benjamin Franklin wisely points out, a lack of sufficient preparation will often cause you problems in the long run, and studying abroad is no different. You will need to get organised before your departure, and these pages are designed to help you ensure that nothing is forgotten. Please use the links on the left to review the different things you will need to prepare for. 


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If you have queries about your preparation or just want to talk things through with someone, don't forget that you can always contact the Study Abroad Team for help. We are available 9am-5pm on the phones, via email and in person at our dedicated drop-in sessions at the Student Centre.

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