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How to Decide Guide 2015

If you're having trouble making a decision about whether study abroad is right for you, you might want to download our handy 'How to Decide' Guide 2015

The guide is designed for all undergraduate students who intend to spend, or are considering spending, some time abroad as part of their degree programme. The information is intended as a brief guide to get you thinking about your time away, and to direct you to further resources on this site.

Making a decision

Making decisions

Making a decision about where, and indeed whether you will study abroad is not one to be taken lightly. Before applying, we expect you to do thorough, independent research into the options available to you and the responsibilities of the programme. You can also come along to the Study Abroad Fair or our information sessions for a chance to chat about your options and find out more, or read about others' experiences of the programme.

As well as some information about the types of placement which you can apply for and the timescales, there are some crucial practical points which you are advised consider. The information and links below cover a number of topics relating to these aspects of study abroad.

Online Peer Advisers

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Got a burning question about your preferred institution abroad but just can't seem to find the answer on the website? Our Online Peer Advisers are here to help! Just send us an email with details of the university you're hoping to go to and we'll put you in touch with a UCL student who is there right now. 

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