Dr Julie Barber

Position Lecturer
Email(*) j.barber
Themes Biostatistics

* @ucl.ac.uk

Biographical Details

Julie is a lecturer in Medical Statistics holding a joint post between the Biostatistics Group at the UCLH/UCL Biomedical Research Unit and the Department of Statistical Science at UCL. Julie completed a PhD looking at statistical issues in economic evaluations of randomised trials in 2001. She has worked at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Imperial College and the MRC Clinical Trials Unit. 

Research Interests

Julie has experience of both randomised trials and large epidemiological studies, and has recently completed the analysis of a large economic evaluation to compare the cost-effectiveness of alternative management strategies for patients with coronary artery disease. Her main methodological interests concern statistical issues in design and analysis of trials and in health economic evaluations.

Selected publications

  • Griffin SC, Barber JA (joint first authorship), Manca A, Sculpher MJ, Thompson SG, Buxton MJ, Hemingway H (2007). Cost-effectiveness of clinically appropriate decisions on alternative treatments for angina pectoris: a prospective observational study. BMJ; 334: 624-631.
  • Wallace P, Haines A, Barber JA, Thompson S, Jacklin P, Roberts J, Lewis L, Wainwright P for the Virtual Outreach Project Group (2002). Joint teleconsultations (virtual outreach) versus standard outpatient appointments for patients referred by their general practitioner for a specialist opinion. Lancet; 359: 1961-1968.
  • Thompson SG, Barber JA (2000). How should cost data in randomised controlled trials be analysed? British Medical Journal; 320: 1197-1200.
  • Barber JA, Thompson SG (2000). Analysis of cost data in randomised controlled trials: An application of the non-parametric bootstrap. Statistics in Medicine; 19: 3219-3236.
  • Barber JA, Thompson S (1998). Analysis and interpretation of cost data in randomised controlled trials: A review of published studies. British Medical Journal; 317: 1195-1200.

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