Detection and Observation

The detection and continued observation of extrasolar planets is one the key research goals of the Group.  Although the Group's expertise has traditionally been in modelling, we are increasingly finding success in this highly competitive arena.

UCL has its own observatory at Mill Hill known as the University of London Observatory (ULO) which possesses several small to medium sized telescopes.  Most recently, Dr. Steve Fossey used the Celestron 14-inch telescope at the ULO to discover the first ever transit of a planet known as HD 80606b.  ‘606, as it is affectionately known, has both the highest orbital eccentricity and longest orbital period out of any planet yet found in transit.  This makes it one of the most exciting discoveries yet seen.

UCL is actively studying both this target and several others in follow-up programmes currently underway, including the world’s first ever dedicated search for an extrasolar moon.  Stay tuned for more exciting discoveries...

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