Welcome to the home page of the Extrasolar Planets Group, part of the Astrophysics Group within the Dept. of Physics & Astronomy at UCL.  Our group works on many areas related to exoplanetology including detection, atmospheric characterisation and modelling, the development of novel detection techniques, the modelling of radial velocity curves and instrumentation.

We hope to inspire new students to consider postgraduate studies in the field of Exoplanets by showing you a brief summary of our work, reporting on exciting new results and breakthroughs made by this group.

Exoplanets: Atmospheric Characterisation Exoplanets: Atmospheric Modelling Exoplanets: Detection and Observation
Atmospheric Characterisation Atmospheric Modelling
Detection and Observation
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Exomoons: Theory and Observational Searches Radial Velocity Modelling Exo-Terrestial Planetary Systems

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