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DiRAC Science Day 2011

STFC DiRAC Facility: HPC for Theoretical Particle & Theoretical Astrophysics

The First Annual DiRAC Science Day
15 September 2011 @ University College London

An opportunity to present our Research to our Community and to our Funding Agencies

Meeting Summary

The DiRAC Project Management Board of the STFC DiRAC Facility (see http://www.stfc.ac.uk/Our+Research/24711.aspx for a description of DiRAC) invites you to attend and contribute to a Science Day to be held at UCL on the 15 September 2011.

The DiRAC Facility provides HPC services for the UK Theoretical Particle Physics and Theoretical Astrophysics Community.

This meeting is aimed very much at poster presentations by active DiRAC researchers and is a very important and timely opportunity for us all to show off and emphasise the exciting research and wider impact of our branch of Theoretical Physics.  Many of our Funders and representatives of HPC companies will attend this meeting so we encourage you all to attend this meeting.

Meeting Events

  • An Introduction to DiRAC, our new Facility
  • Research Presentations (Oral and Posters) from the DiRAC Science Consortia: UKQCD, VIRGO, COSMOS, UKMHD, MIRACLE, HORIZON, LEICESTER & EXETER
  • Community Information
  • Discussion on Training
  • An opportunity to meet your Community
  • We especially encourage all Fellows, PDRAs and PhD students to attend this event.

Meeting Information


Please note that 40 guaranteed A0 spaces although we believe we can accomodate a few more than this.
Dr Jeremy Yates and Prof Christine Davies – Chair and co-Chair of the DiRAC Project Management Board

(DiRAC STFC website http://www.stfc.ac.uk/Our+Research/24711.aspx)

DiRAC TWG Information

For those attending the DiRAC TWG meeting on 14th September (the day before the DiRAC Science Day), the agenda may be found here:

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