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Information for Consortium Members

Gaining Access to Legion

As a Consortium member, you are now entitled to use of the
'Legion' high-performance computing service at UCL. Details of the
capabilities of this cluster facility are available here:


Information about how to acquire an account to use the service are
at the following URL (note that you will need to contact the Miracle Consortium Leader, Nicholas Achilleos, regarding the financial information - contact details can be found here):


We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the information for
users. Legion is a facility for the production of computational outputs;
any new development and testing of your software should be done on
your own local computing facilities.

A brief summary of the recently upgraded (May 2011) Legion architecture is as follows:

* A total of 5680 cores with a mixture of 4-core and 12-core nodes (2-4GB RAM per core).

* Infinipath and QDR Infinipath providing high performance chip-to-chip communication between some nodes; ideal for tightly coupled parallel codes.

* 192TB of RAID 6 Lustre storage (user's /home areas are subject to a quota of 50 GB).

* The system runs Scientific Linux 5.5 with many compilers and tools (e.g. the Intel Compilers).

If you have any questions related to applying for an account on Legion, please contact the Miracle Consortium Leader (Nicholas Achilleos), contact details can be found here.

Legion Support

If you are having any problems running your code on Legion, please first contact the Miracle Support Programmer (Dugan Witherick - contact details can be found here).

Mailing List

There is a mailing list for the Miracle Consortium and it is advised that all members should be on this list.  If this is not the case for you, please contact the Miracle Support Programmer (Dugan Witherick - contact details can be found here).

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