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Why is the universe speeding up?

The Dark Energy Survey aims to answer that question, and UCL has been heavily involved in the DES instrumentation and science for over a decade. More...

This is the first Dark Energy Survey map to trace the detailed distribution of dark matter across a large area of sky. Credit: DES

Mapping the cosmos: Dark Energy Survey creates detailed guide to spotting dark matter

Scientists on the Dark Energy Survey have released the first in a series of dark matter maps of the cosmos. 

Left to right: Antonella Palmese, Dr Stéphanie Jouvel, Dr Hiranya Peiris, Lucinda Clerkin. The backdrop is the John Flaxman Gallery under the dome of UCL’s main library, overlaid with the CCD mosaic pattern of the DECam footprint. Credit: Boris Leistedt

Women of the Dark Energy Survey @ UCL

In honour of International Women’s Day, DES member Dr Hiranya Peiris has posted a blog about some of the UCL women who work on the Dark Energy Survey and what most excites them about their research on DES. More...

Illustration mapping out previously discovered dwarf satellite galaxies (blue) and the newly discovered candidates (red) as they sit outside the Milky Way

Scientists find rare dwarf satellite galaxy candidates in Dark Energy Survey data

Scientists on two continents have independently discovered a set of celestial objects that seem to belong to the rare category of dwarf satellite galaxies orbiting our home galaxy, the Milky Way.  Dwarf galaxies are the smallest known galaxies, and they could hold the key to understanding dark matter and the process by which larger galaxies form.  More...

Galaxy NGC 1398 taken with the Dark Energy Camera (credit: Dark Energy Survey)

Dark Energy Survey kicks off second season cataloguing deep space

On 15th August, with its successful first season behind it, the DES collaboration began its second year of mapping the southern sky in unprecedented detail.  More...

DECam Dedication Ceremony with DES members

Dark Energy Camera Dedication at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory

On November 9, 2012, ceremonies on the summit of Cerro Tololo, Chile marked the dedication of the Dark Energy Camera and the beginning of the 50th anniversary celebration of Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO). More...

Other DES Media coverage

Prof. Ofer Lahav, head of the Dark Energy Survey science programme, discusses the rapidly expanding universe and the future of dark-energy research in an interview for The Economist, 21 Feb 2012.

UCL's optics and science work on the Dark Energy Survey featured on the Today Programme of BBC Radio 4 on Saturday 29 Oct 2011.

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