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Developing investigative leads through the analysis and interpretation of microscopic trace evidence

Publication date: Mar 07, 2011 11:09 AM

Start: Jul 16, 2010 01:00 PM
End: Jul 16, 2010 02:00 PM

Location: Brook House

Speaker: Dr Skip Palenik, Founder, Microtrace Labs, US
Audience: SECReT students

Skip Palenik image

Dr Skip Palenik is one of America’s most reputed forensic microscopists and has worked on some of the most well-known cases from around the world such as the Atlanta Child Murders, the Air India Bombing, the Jon Benet Ramsey case, the Narita Airport bombing (Tokyo), the Hillside Strangler (LA), the Oklahoma City bombing, the Unabomber, and the reinvestigation of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Skip has been teaching analytical microscopy to forensic scientists for more than thirty years and wowed the SECReT students with his descriptions of investigative work on some of the cases mentioned above, particularly the Green River Serial Murders where Skip’s special research interests in the identification of single small particles, small amounts of complete unknowns and tracing dust and soil back to their origins, played a key part in apprehending the killer. Skip identified microscopic spray paint spheres at his laboratory, Microtrace, as a specific brand and composition of paint used at the factory where the killer (murderer of 71 women) worked during the time frame when a number of the victims had been killed.