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UCL SECReT welcomes students from all over the world, from countries including China, India, Germany, Australia, US, Egypt, Italy, Poland, Australia, Greece, Hungary and Iceland. Overseas/EU students bring unique experiences and perspectives to the SECReT programme, and we strongly encourage such applications.

“I came onto the SECReT programme after completing my M.S. in Computer Science from the National University of Defense Technology in China. My interests are in network security and I obtained a Chinese Scholarship Council award to come to UCL as I was very excited about the multidisciplinary research opportunities offered by SECReT. At UCL SECReT my research has really benefited by being part of a group. After all, it is not possible to eradicate cyber attacks by network technologies alone.  Doing many projects and presentations together has also helped my English improve very quickly!”
Changwang Zhang, UCL SECReT student, China

“After completing my MA in Intelligence and Security, I decided to pursue a PhD. I decided on applying to UCL SECReT because as a SECReT student I will have access to experts in security from all relevant disciplines; engineering, politics, psychology, policing, intelligence, etc. I obtained a scholarship from a leading Egyptian foundation and joined SECReT in September 2010. I was immediately impressed by the way the programme encourages you to pursue ambitious research with a real-world focus. The highlight of my time so far has been the links I have established with one of the world’s largest investment banks, a government department, and a leading political risk consultancy firm in the UK. These organisations have helped me in my first-year dissertation – I don’t think I could have achieved this with any other programme.”
Mohammed Gaballa, UCL SECReT student, Egypt

Overseas and EU students usually fund their entry onto our programme in a number of ways:

  • Self-funding: often overseas students fund their first year on the programme and then apply for scholarships from year 2. We can help with such applications
  • Scholarships from their own country
  • UCL scholarships

UCL scholarships

There are a number of UCL scholarships available:

  • Overseas graduate scholarships (you cannot apply for this scholarship yourself)
  • Deans Award. You cannot apply for this scholarship yourself, UCL SECReT must apply on your behalf. This scholarship will pay your full fees, but you must already have a different scholarship to cover your stipend (your living expenses.) The Deans Award is for students with a truly outstanding academic record and whose potential research at UCL will be of strategic value.