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Security and Crime Science Research Network Conference

SECReT students regularly organise conferences to bring together researchers and practitioners from across UCL and the UK, all with an interest in a specific area of security and crime research. The aim of these events is to help students network with academics, industry and other doctoral students. The event is also an essential part of SECReT student training as it teaches them about organising and running academic events covering issues such as how to convene an event committee, how to develop event themes, identifying and inviting relevant speakers, managing event logistics and budgeting . . . and how to plan for unexpected eventualities (such as speakers cancelling at the last moment!). 

Why security science needs an interdisciplinary approach

Security Science - and crime science - are emerging disciplines seeking to bring a rigorous scientific approach to reducing crime and increasing security. They seek to build bridges between different research areas in order to tackle continuously evolving security and crime challenges. Fundamental to the subject is its multidisciplinary approach, which enables researchers to use their own field of expertise as a prism through which to view global security challenges, and to draw upon relevant theory and research from other disciplines. Accordingly, the students within the SECReT programme come from various academic backgrounds including – but not limited to – computer science, physics, engineering, forensic science, political science, psychology and anthropology.