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Kartikeya Tripathi

MRes TITLE : 'Value of passengers as guardians in thwarting terror attacks on Mumbai's densely crowded trains'

PREVIOUS DEGREES : MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice (University of Oxford), BA LLB (Mumbai University), MA and BA (Hons) History (St Stephen's College, Delhi)

PREVIOUS JOBS : Journalist - Principal Correspondent with The Times of India, Mumbai, reporting on court cases, organised crime syndicates, and terrorism

I'M ORIGINALLY FROM... Faizabad, India

WHY I APPLIED TO THE SECURITY SCIENCE DTC : Emerging economies, like India, sit on the cusp of a new future. Their stability and integration into world's economy is seriously compromised by terrorist threats. Mumbai is India's financial capital and its suburban trains are its lifeline. I wanted to find ways to make them safer against terrorist threats.

RESEARCH INTERESTS : Infrastructure security, Finding ways to better protect densely crowded places, Using cognitive and decision making literature to predict what terrorist organisations do next 

WHAT I DO WHEN I'M NOT STUDYING : Cricket fanatic, Discover Europe

MY CAREER ASPIRATIONS : As much of the developing world builds modern infrastructure, I would like to assist railway corporations in how to better secure their assets, starting from the planning stage itself

WHAT KIND OF PARTNER ORGANISATION I'D LIKE TO WORK WITH AND WHAT I'D LIKE FROM THEM : Anti-Terrorism Units, Organisations involved in running of mass transport systems. I am interested in challenges they face, their evolving perception of threats to assets, and measures they take to enhance safety while also facilitating public travel. Results of internal studies conducted, data gathered is always welcome.

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS : Roberts, J., U. Azmeh and K. Tripathi (2011), 'Structured Sentencing in England and Wales : Recent Developments and Lessons for India' in National Law School of India Review (NLSIR), Vol 23, Issue 1, pp. 9 - 26

CONFERENCES ATTENDED : Thomson Reuters Conference on Global Terrorism at Oxford, 2009