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  • HELEN Brayley: Interested in police investigation strategies, child sexual exploitation and the use of forensic evidence. 
  • TOBY Davies...interested in the application of methods from complex systems and complex networks to problems in crime and security
  • IRENEOS Drakos... interested in ways to increase the security in airports without burdening the public
  • INKA Karppinen... interested in financial crime, employee trust and motivation in organisations in relation to security and compliance
  • JUSTIN Kurland... interested in evaluating the relationship among variables that contribute to [the increase of] football related disorder on public transport and applying deterrence mechanisms as a means of possibly reducing this disorder
  • HESTER Miles... interested in the persistence and provenance of trace sediments and material
  • THEODOSIS Mourouzis... interested in algebraic number theory, algebraic geometry, elliptic curves and application to cryptography
  • TIM Nissen... interested in mitigating the social impact of new security technologies upstream in the design process
  • ELENA Rusconi... interested in vulnerability to criminal lifestyles linked with brain pathology and psychopathy
  • LUSINE Tarkhanyan... interested in spatio-temporal analysis of drug markets, complex networks, urban design, spatial cognition