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Securing threat detection: Synergy of technological and neuropsychological factors

7 March 2012

Elena Rusconi

Aim of this project is to identify individual aptitudes and abilities that can bring a significant contribution to security screening. A central achievement will be the development of a novel scale, which will include psychometric validation against pre-existing scales which may be effective but were not developed for application in security settings, well-known neuropsychological tasks and threat detection with airport scanner pictures.

A comprehensive research program aimed to improve threat detection strategies in a combined technological and neuropsychological perspective could only be realized in a multidisciplinary context, as technologies must be available and accessed with an experimental approach, to create comparable research material across techniques and realistic enough to produce results with immediate applicability and spin-offs for the security industry.

We will endeavor to do so with the expert collaboration of the scientists working on similar issues but from a technological perspective at the Center for Applied Science and Technology (CAST; former Home Office Scientific Development Branch, HOSDB). Such partnership is ideal as it will provide access to cutting edge technology and expertise, in addition to the most direct path towards an immediate application of the results of our research by the security services.