Babylonian letters (SAA 17)

Babylonian letters representing the correspondence between king Sargon II and his officials in southern Mesopotamia form the smaller part of the surviving text corpus (about 200 letters and fragments). While their shape closely resembles that of the Assyrian letters, the script and language of these letters is markedly different, representing the Babylonian version of the cuneiform script and the Babylonian dialect of the Akkadian language. Use the links below or in the menu to the left to select a tablet.

SAA 17

SAA 17 53 Rehabilitation as Royal Servant (Addressed to the Chief Eunuch)
SAA 17 64 I am Sending my Son and Seal to the Vizier
SAA 17 73 Barsipitu's Arrival in Bit-Dakuri
SAA 17 92 Handing Over Murderers of Babylonians
SAA 17 93 Hostages of Hindareans; Digging Canal and Choosing Bulls
SAA 17 96 Giving People for People
SAA 17 122 Pouring Gifts on Abu-eriba, King's Relative

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