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Jo Lampard

Jo Lampard - Senior Research IT Services Facilitator


I'm responsible for providing advisory, outreach and engagement services across all of RITS, and for coordinating related user training programmes. I have a chemistry and crystallography background with many years of experience supporting national IT services.

Ms Jo Lampard

Ms Jo Lampard



  • Senior Research IT Services Facilitator
    RITS Facilitation
    ISD Research IT Services

Joined UCL


Award year Qualification Institution
1986 MSc
Master of Science
Birkbeck College
1985 BSc Hons
Bachelor of Science
Medicinal Chemistry
University College London

Responsible for providing advisory, outreach and engagement services relating to Research IT services at UCL, promoting and enabling the use of services such as the Legion High Performance Computing service, the UCL Research Data service, the Research Software Development service, and the Institutional Research Information Service (IRIS). Also responsible for coordinating user training programmes related to Research IT services.

I started my career at Manchester Computing Centre (based at the University of Manchester), working in support and liaison for the National Computing Service (high performance and data/scalar computing) where I was responsible for providing advice and training to users in London and the south of the UK. I later became coordinator for the Mimas CrossFire chemical information service, a high profile and complex research database.